Essay On Buy Nothing Day

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Buy nothing day, an annual holiday organized in Canada in 1992, was created to raise awareness of consumerism, by urging citizens to save their money for a full twenty four hours. By implementing this holiday into the United States, society, companies, and the environment would see many beneficial factors. Employees work, on average, 34.4 hours a week, calculating down to 6.9, almost seven hours a day. These seven hours a day could be used spending time with family, friends, or even just alone time. By having a buy nothing day, employees could stay home, enjoying their time with the people who are most important to them. Family is an important aspect to one’s life. By restricting family time, especially in a family of two working parents and kids, they lose that aspect. Having relationships are also important. Though co-worker relationships are important and healthy, having a love life and a family gives tighter, more successful relationships. Studies have shown that in order to be in the self actualization phase of your life, you have to…show more content…
Electricity, gas, and water are all necessities for a business to be open. By having a buy nothing day, businesses could save money because of no bills for a day, also saving millions of watts of electricity. Businesses could later use this money to improve their workplace. Additionally, by limiting the production for twenty-four hours, pollution would be reduced. Factories not in progress would reduce the amount of harmful gases, dirty air, and smoke. This would not clean the air, but would reduce the amount of factories and businesses contributing to the pollution in the air, therefore buy nothing day should be a holiday in the United States.
In conclusion, buy nothing day is very beneficial and would do good for the United Sates; environmentally and socially, by bringing families together and decreasing pollution and the over usage of
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