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caffeine prevention is possible. Mix decaffeinated coffee in with regular coffee and drink coffee with low fat milk. Brew tea for less time. It would be better to pick soft drinks without caffeine in them. Then, try to avoid sodas and energy drinks with caffeine added. Speak to a pharmacist or healthcare provider to find out if any of the nonprescription medications or herbal products that one takes include caffeine. Then, try not to change the way he or she takes medication without the advice of a health provider. “If you want to quit, I would first recommend becoming aware of how much caffeine you are consuming daily.” (Wheeler). It is possible to overdose on caffeine. For example, a seventeen year old Jasmine Willis, overdosed be…show more content…
“It is estimated that 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed each day worldwide.” Black coffee prevents cavities, and it protects against Melanoma. USDA recommends it for better health. It has been said that it can reduce heart attack mortality risk; a person has stronger DNA when they drink coffee daily. Hayman Coffee is a supplier of premium coffee. Some of the coffee brands are Keurig K-cups, Seattle, Caribou Coffee, Costa Coffee, Caffe Nero, Gloria Jeans, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, McCafe, Tim Hortons, and Dutch Bros; the brands of coffee everyone should avoid is Folgers, Maxwell House, Nescafe, Dunkin Donuts, Lavazza, Keurig K-cups, Seattle’s Best, and store brands in which these are well known brands that people drink on a daily basis. (Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms: Top Fifteen).
In continuation, energy drinks can have the same effect as any other caffeine drink. For example, the Vitaminwater energy drink, the caffeine comes from green coffee beans. Citrus Energy Enhanced Water contains 50 mg of caffeine per bottle. The caffeine intake for some energy drinks, Five Hour Energy contains 100 mg, Spike Energy drink contains 20 mg, and Coca-Cola classic contains 0 mg. There are multiple amounts of energy drink brands in the United States and all over the world. To continue, some of the energy drinks are Monster Ultra, Monster Cuba, Ubermonster, Liquid

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