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Today how many people drink caffeine daily and do not realize the harmful effects of doing so? Caffeine is found in many common drinks consumed by both adults and children on a daily basis. People are not concerned with the impact of caffeine on their bodies. Caffeine is addictive and the brain will become dependent on it to keep the mind awake. Caffeine keeps the body from falling asleep by blocking the adenosine receptors; adenosine is what makes the person sleepy. Caffeinated drinks are especially popular with teens and college students who use it to stay awake to study or stay awake in class. Many people do not realize that becoming addicted to caffeine will result in serious health problems. Science shows that caffeine has many…show more content…
The brain has receptors in it that a chemical called adenosine binds to; adenosine is a small chemical in the brain that causes the person to feel tired or sleepy (Olekalns and Bardsley). Caffeine has a very similar shape to adenosine; it goes in and blocks the receptors that adenosine originally binds to. This is why after drinking a big cup of coffee the body feels awake and more alert. A person's body can function without caffeine completely with no negative effects. In moderate amounts (250mg daily) it can have a pleasant feeling for the user. Furthermore it causes the pituitary glands to release adrenaline, which heightens the senses. Since caffeine causes a bit of an adrenaline surge in the body, someone’s physical output is much higher. (Olekalns and Bardsley). Having the body in a jumpy state for a whole day after many cups of coffee or energy drinks is not very healthy for the body or the heart. (Olekalns and Bardsley)

Also caffeine has a track record of do nots for people trying to live a healthy lifestyle. It always points back to the negative effects on the nervous system. (Olekalns and Bardsley) The body weight and height plus the exposure all effects the feeling when one uses caffeine. (Is caffeine really addictive?) Also the way caffeine affects the body and brain is the chemical boosts neuron firing in the brain; the pituitary gland, senses that the body is in danger or an emergency situation, it

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