Essay On Calf Muscles

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The calf muscle - also called the sura - is actually a pair of muscles, the gastorcnemius and the soleus, each of which requires slightly different calf exercises to target. The calf muscle is found on the anterior portion of the leg and is connected to the foot via the Achilles tendon. An often-overlooked muscle, the calf is exceedingly important for mobility, as it plays a large part in the motions of walking, jumping, and running. To keep mobility at its best, strong, resilient calf muscles are a must, and the best way to keep them in shape is through calf exercises.

There are several different calf exercises specifically designed to target either the gastorcnemius and soleus muscles, or both. Listed below are some of the most effective and any equipment required to practice these calf exercises.
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In all these exercises, however, the basic motion is the same. As the standing calf raise is likely the most common variant, we will use that for the explanation of form. Take a barbell with light weight and rest it atop the back of the shoulders. (A power rack is a very convenient way to keep the weight safely up high where you need to use it without undue stress in lifting.) Step onto a calf block with toes and ball of feet on the block with the arches and heels extended off. Using the calf muscles, raise the heels as high as possible - pressing the weight upward with the motion - then lower the heels as far as your calf will stretch, putting the muscles through their full range of motion. To target different areas of the calf you may use one of the many related calf raises, including the 45-degree calf raise or the donkey calf
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