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Campus Engagement Report Astonishing, stunning, remarkable, spectacular, phenomenal: All words to describe my experience attending agriculture and biology related activities on college campus this past month. When I was assigned this assignment, I thought there would only be a few events to choose from, but after looking at the potential activities I could attend, I was awestruck by how many events that were held on campus. Little did I know that there so many opportunities for me to get involved in college. This engagement assignment helped me become more comfortable on campus and more familiarized with what is happening on campus. Three events I would like to highlight in my experience are the Ag. and Bio Ice Cream Social, SDSU…show more content…
I haven’t done much in the club so far, but there are multiple opportunities for me to get involved in the future. I already met so many new friends through this club and I can tell these people will be my friends until the day we graduate from college. By going to some of the Collegiate FFA/Ag. Education meetings, I learned of different engagement opportunities and made new friends as well. The last engagement activity I would like to highlight is the Career Fair. I think so far the Career Fair is one of the most important events I have participated in. At this fair, students can talk with businesses and companies to discuss potential job opportunities and internships. The week leading up to this event, I didn’t think there would be much to offer since I’m just an Agriculture Education major. Later that week, some speakers from Land O’ Lakes spoke in one of my classes to inform us on what their business is all about and the job opportunities they have to offer. This really sparked my interest to at least talk to them at the career fair. Also, one of my friends talked to me about the new Agriculture Education internship at Riverview this summer. I did some research on this job opportunity and it is definitely something I’m interested in. If I did not attend the Career Fair and talk to the people I did, I probably would
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