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Can and could are modal verbs that describe the possibility or ability. A can is considered as the verb in present form and could is its past form.

There are more different circumstances in which their use is changed and they illustrate diverse meanings. These terms are same in meaning as can means the aptitude to do work so these terms are often related to each other and we mix them together.

In this article, we will explain that learning these model verbs are how much important and how these verbs are vital parts of the English grammar.

Use Of Can
As we know that the can is a modal verb which describes the skill of doing work of a noun or subject. The verb can is used to show the ability or permission or the possibility of something of a noun.
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The word can here is used for the indication of the possibility of something.
Can we harvest crops in this field? The can is used for asking the permission.
We have got enough money so we can buy a new car. Here can is showing the possibility.
Max can run faster than us. The can is used here to show the ability.
Use Of Could
The verb could is used to show the ability or permission or the possibility of something of a noun that could happen in the past.

Just like can, we must know that could is used only when we are describing any necessity in the present tense.

They could have come to the meeting. In this the could is describing that they had the permission in the past but now they don't.
James could be a runner. This is describing that James had the possibility of being a runner but now it's not possible.
She could have been a winner. This is describing that she had the ability to be a winner but it's not possible in the present.
Use Of Not With Can
If we use Can along with not i.e. cannot, it becomes the negative form of the can and it shows that there is no ability, or possibility or not having the permission of doing something. We can also write cannot as
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