Essay On Canadian Pharmacy

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Why are Canadian pharmacy sites in demand? Many people around the world order drugs from Canada to save money, especially Americans who can't keep up with the rising cost of prescription drugs. For millions of people, online pharmacy is the only means to access affordable drugs. The Canadian pharmacy industry is run by several players, with no single company holding more than 6% of the market share. Aside from such robust competition, the presence of numerous generic drug makers in Canada also gives the Canadian pharmacy industry the edge in supplying low cost medicines to various countries.

Canada's provincial governments are actively regulating generic drug prices to protect consumer welfare and ease fiscal burden. The country's taxpayer-funded health care system benefits from generic drugs because these medications cost lower than
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However, there are Canadian pharmacies that run legitimate online stores and comply with state and federal regulations in countries they serve. These pharmacies have large inventory of prescribed and over-the-counter drugs sourced from affiliated manufacturers in different countries.

Check if an online pharmacy site caps the maximum amount you can order. Some countries do not allow drug exports except for personal use. For instance, the US Prescription Drug Marketing Act of 1987 makes it illegal for a company to bring drugs to the country unless it is the drug maker or licensed by the drug maker to do so. However, US law enforcers exercise discretion when applying this provision. As a result, US buyers are allowed to order from online Canadian pharmacies as long as the quantity does not exceed three-month supply for personal use. Border officials will only question orders from Canadian pharmacy sites if the amount is too
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