Essay On Canadian Senate

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While senators are appointed, it does a notable disservice rejecting the voices of our Canadian public. In spite of the historical appointment process selection, the Federal Government of Canada should be pursuing a democratic electoral system for our Canadian Senate because it enhances democracy, by improving and developing the regional representation system, and by promoting candidates and citizens to participate and be accountable for. Because senators are appointed, there has been political partisanships which influence the functioning of the political body in the Senate. This is ultimately because the selection process is arguably biased in favor of the party representative and unelected senators may not be legitimate authorities.…show more content…
Elections Enhance Democracy Under the Canadian constitution, the selection process of senators is done by the governor general on the advice of the prime minister who appoints officials. Ultimately, this method has gained an unpopularity and even a call to action to abolish Senate. However, Canadians should be engaging in the work of reconstructing our democratic institution. We should be able to trust our organizations by choosing the officials in them. In the study of the Senate, Bakvis (2001) argues, “an elected Senate would garner the greatest support, and in starting with a clean slate makes it easier to adopt [regional] representation” (p.72). With the availability of choosing representatives instead of the prime minister simply appointing senators, the face of the Senate of Canada can be designed to produce a more legitimate body by an electoral system. Significantly, by electing senators, there will be more satisfaction in the Canadian public. Appointing senators who participate in the Senate chamber debating and voting on legislation affecting day-to-day lives is considerably undemocratic and a threat to democracy for others. By all means we the people of Canada constitute democracy by giving it meaning with our participation and votes. But because senators are not elected by citizens nor appointed by provincial governments, the Senate lacks the effectiveness of federal principles and senators can
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