Canada On The Home Front Essay

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Canada's contribution on the home front played a significant role in the war effort. The federal government transformed the Canadian lifestyle by introducing rationing which limited the quantity and type of goods we consumed. On September 3, 1939, Prime Minister Mackenzie King’s government established the Wartime Prices and Trade Board (WPTB) which introduced rationing and controlled prices to avoid inflation. Every Canadian was issued a ration card to buy essentials such as sugar, meat, gasoline etc. Even though the cards restricted the number of goods it ensured the limit was enough to fulfill an individual's need. Special permits were required to purchase cars, appliances, and other resource consuming. Overall, rationing was a…show more content…
The social acceptance of women in the workforce disappeared and they were back in their homes performing the traditional roles of women ex-cooking and cleaning. Additionally, they lost their economic independence and once again had to rely on men for money. Fortunately, some brave women resisted social norms and continued to work. Through their, efforts a national women's rights movement was started that would completely change the economic and social status over the

Air Battle of Britain

The battle of Britain was the first major battle of world war 2. The purpose of this attack was to get Britain to bomb Britain till they surrender so they can directly invade Britain. It began in september 1940 when the German Luftwaffe bombarding major British cities in a blitz of air attacks. British citizens had to spend their night in underground bomb shelters. Eighty Canadian pilots join the royal air force in order to prevent German attacks. The pilots faced a dangerous task and in the first few weeks, 16 Canadian pilots were killed. However, as time went on there skills and success rates improved. The battle continued until may 1941 and with the help Canadian pilots, 3000 enemy aircraft were shot down. Canada’s contribution was an essential cause of the victory.

Battle of Atlantic

The battle of Atlantic was one of the longest battles of the
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