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When someone says leader people think many things and how that will affect them and how they will do their job. However, a catalyst leader is someone that looks into things, makes a wise, smart, and well-rounded decision, and then acts on it. The decision is fair and accurate for the team that is involved. The leader is acting on the behalf of the team and what is best for them as well as themselves. I can see from the book that a good leader always puts themselves last and their team first. This is typically what good leaders do in all situations. Christian leaders want what is best for everyone under them and will do whatever it takes to make God happy while assisting his workers in the workplace. The people need to be happy for things to grow, develop, and progress. When all this is complete the real work can begin and people can learn new things.
Throughout the book The Catalyst Leader there are eight key factors that are stressed for the readers to take in and understand how important they are. They are calling, authenticity, passion, capability, courage, principle, hope, and collaboration. All eight of these things make up a better leader and person
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This means we model Christ in the workplace best when we perform our work so well and with such a good attitude that we inspire others to desire to know and worship God” (Alexander). This would inspire others do their best every day to set a good example for the others looking in. There are followers and there are leaders and when a strong leader set a good example people will pay attention. This can be an amazing things for the person as well as the people who are following suite. When people let God in and work with them in a situation things happen in a mysterious way that no one can explain. However, the true believers of God know what it going on and the power he has over everyone and the
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