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Alyssa Sittineri Catch-22 IRJ I. Introduction • Catch-22 by Joseph Heller • Novel • Published in 1961 during the end of the modernist literary period, the novel is created around World War II and the American perspective of the war. • The protagonist of the novel is Yossarian as the majority of the novel focuses on what he encounters and goes through during the war. Yossarian is a paranoid captain during the war and he does not think the war effort and flying more missions is worth losing his life. • The antagonist of the novel is Connel Cathcart who is always out to get Yossarian and keeps raising the number of required combat missions, increasing the chances of getting Yossarian and other men killed. • The novel focuses…show more content…
• The point of view throughout each chapter during the novel switches from character to character but often has a central focus point or reference to Yossarian. • The novel alludes to the Bible and the Odyssey. II. • “He started forward in a straight line, and the wall of officers before him parted like the Red Sea. Glancing neither left nor right, he strode indomitably up to the steam counter and, in a clear, full-bodied voice that was gruff with age and resonant with ancient eminence and authority, said: ‘Gimme eat.’” (pg. 116) The short passage uses a common biblical allusion to depict Major-de Coverley in a point of view that is fearful or wary of his presence. The biblical allusion of Moses parting the Red Sea is used to describe how Major-de Coverley parted through other men. Several scenes throughout the novel show how men are frightened by Major-de Coverley and would rather obey him than to disturb him out of fear. The passage is significant because it shows how the men see him as a man of power as he is compared to the biblical character Moses. However the passage has an unexpected ending when Major-de Coverley says “Gimme eat”. The audience expects a Major in a war to be honorable, educated, and to have great communication skills. Major-de Coverley is extremely illiterate in this scene and almost childlike. It puts a different perspective on how the Air Force chooses to rank their men, in this case being feared and respected is more

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