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In the book Celia, A Slave by Melton A. McLaurin, a slave woman all alone has to cope with a master who is always making her have sex with him. Newson, the master, fathered two children with her. When Celia kills her master, the man she loved turned against her, and she went on trial for Newson’s murder. The author Melton A. McLaurin tells the reader about the lives of the men and women of the nineteen century and about the life and death of a slave named Celia. He wants the reader to understand the struggles she through as a slave. He also wants the reader to know how females slaves were used and abused by their masters. There was nothing they could do but accept the abuse. Celia was just a little girl when her master bought her and…show more content…
Because of this assumption, Powell went looking for George to question him about the missing Newson. They threatened to take George’s life if he did not tell where Newson was. Even though George claimed to know nothing about Newsom’s fate, he told Powell that “’it was not worth while to hunt for him any where except close to the house’” (40). He told them to go search Celia’s cabin. The search party went there and looked for Newson, but did not any signs of Newson. Powell then went to ask Celia what happened to Newson, and she told him she did not know where her master was. Powell started to threaten the her and lives of her children if she did not tell where her master may be. Still, she refused to tell about whereabouts of Newson. Even though “she faced the family members, friends, and neighbors of the master she had killed [and] she knew that members of Newsom’s family were aware that she had threatened him,” she would not confess (43). However, Celia was indicted for Newson’s murder on June 25 1855. She stay in the Callaway County the whole summer while she waited for trial in October. Despite all she had been through, Celia was a strong woman and would not break under pressure. The author shows the resilience of the slave women through Celia’s story. Eventually, Celia confessed to the murder after her children were safe. There were many territories against slavery. An
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