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Cesar Chavez once explained the horrors of society when he said, “When the man who feeds the world by toiling in the fields is himself deprived of the basic rights of feeding, sheltering and caring for is family, the whole community of man is sick.” ( That means that the whole of humanity is sick and cruel when the man who works the fields all day long to feed the all of the citizens of the entire world can’t even provide for himself. It was not a small amount of people it affected, it was millions, and millions of citizens across the world. Chavez was a large factor in beginning to abolish racism, or also called the Civil Rights Movement. Chavez’s life started in a small adobe home, near Yuma Arizona on March 31, 1927. His parents…show more content…
He didn’t like school as a child because he heard many wretched, racist comments; he also saw signs that said, “Whites Only” One of the worst parts was that Spanish was verboten at his school. If a student got caught violating that rule, they were hit on the knuckles with via a ruler. That was was very unfortunate, considering that he only spoke Spanish at his house. In eighth grade he left school to support his family by working in the fields. He did this on behalf of his father getting in an accident, no longer able to work. At the age of 19 he enlisted into the Navy, near the end of World War II. Chavez was in the Navy for two years even though he was glad to leave California; on his account while living in California he said, “ . . . wretched migrant camps, corrupt labor contractors, meager wages for backbreaking work, bitter racism.” ( That explains how rough life was in California. In 1948 he got married with a woman named Helen Fabela. In their time together they had eight kids in the city of San Jose. In the time around 1950 they traveled together all around the country teaching migrant workers to read and to also write, so they could officially become U.S.

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