Essay On Change And Continuity Of Care

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It has been a long time coming of the much needed change with health care. Transformation will come whether people are ready or not. These changes have been talked about but have never gone in effect until recently and more are to come. The Affordable Care Act 2010 outlines some new health care structures, and with these structures will come new opportunities for new roles expanding the health care into a better one to have the health care grow, expand and improve care (Institute of Medicine, 2011).
Continuity of care is important to not only patients but to staff members as well. To provide safe care they must have a relationship with the provider and the patient. Continuity of care is ongoing management of their goals together for improved care, the quality of care and cost effective to both patient and provider. At one time when a patient left the hospital they felt lost and confused. Now with discharge nurses they are able to follow through with care with home health and …show more content…

It is mainly focused on the chronically ill and management of depression, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. This depends heavily on the nurses as well and without the support staff the education, coaching and self management would slack in improvements that are needed. In this model, the nurses are becoming almost like the nurse practitioner assistants being that they now review charts to monitor for breaks in care that could be missed and take an active role in the treatment plans. By reducing the risk by adopting medical homes in health care, the costs and unnecessary utilization of hospital and emergency services, improvements in clinical measures a increased access to primary care, and an increased satisfaction among patients, staff and clinicians showed over multiple times in the research studies of improvement (Wando, Sheth, Mleczko, Choi, Sharma, March

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