Essay On Change And Improvement Go Hand In Hand

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Change and Improvement Go Hand in Hand
Have you ever counted the number of changes happen in a day or how many good things happen to you in a day? I will argue that those two numbers are related. Changes have to be made in order for improvements to be made. That change can happen in anything such as, choosing a priority, ending relationships with people, or moving schools. Shannon L. Adler said “there comes a time in your life when you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it”. I agree with this because she is saying that people need to make changes in order to improve their lives.

Changes nessesary to improve life can either be a simple and clear choice , or they can be difficult and uncertain
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This choice I made improved my life because it had opened up the opportunity to auditioning for All-State choir and being in a lower level band has lessened the amount of work I am required to do for band. Changes can be beneficial because they create opportunities for improvements.

Ending relationships can model what closing the book would look like. In the television show One Tree Hill, The father Dan did many very unacceptable and unforgivable things throughout his life and especially when his sons were growing up. His sons, Lucas and Nate, could never forgive him for the things he has done so they tried to remove him from their lives. Before Lucas and Nate had removed Dan from their lives Dan tried to control many aspects of their lives, such as who they were or were not allowed to date or what sport to play. Lucas and Nate knew that if they kept Dan in their lives Dan would not change his ways and He would continue to try to control their lives. When Dan was finally out of their lives, their lives improved and now Nate could raise his son without worrying that Dan would be in his young son’s life trying to control it and influencing him negatively. Also, Lucas could pursue his dream of writing and publishing a novel without any terrible distractions and commands coming from Dan. Ending relationships improved Nate’s and Lucas’s life since they no longer had to worry about their

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