Essay On Changing Car Oil

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While most people nowadays, rarely think about changing their car oil. But little do they know, that regularly changing a car’s engine oil is one of the most important things you can possibly do to keep a car running without any problems or mishaps. Without regular oil changes, the old oil inside of a car, will break down and clog a car’s oil filter, causing a hefty price for repairs and replacements. The general population, might not know this, but changing the oil of a car is both inexpensive and easy.
The change begins by driving the car into a driveway or a spot with enough allocated space to work beneath the vehicle and outside the vehicle. This is done to make sure, that an individual does not cause any accidental damage to a person,
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As soon as the oil cap bolt has been screwed back on, new oil has to be added. Locate the the fill hole at the top of the engine. If location cannot be verified, look to the left of the engine, and there should be a cap. Before anything is done, it is heavily recommended that vehicle capabilities are checked in the owner's manual, to insure how much oil the vehicle can take. Too much oil intake may cause blockage, so please be wary.
Once the new oil has been inserted, it is recommended that the engine is turned off and on to double check that everything is running smoothly with the oil pressure. This can be verified, by checking the red engine light turn off and on after startup. If that is not the case, then a bolt is not tightened properly, and is oozing out liquid or oil.
As another verification method, the dipstick can be pulled out of the vehicle to double check the pressure. This is located to the bottom left of the engine. It generally looks like a long metal rod. Simply pull this out, and check to see if both holes on the bottom of the stick are shaded in with oil. If this is the case, then a successful oil change has been
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