Essay On Character Design

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This essay focuses on the history and the culture of character design, comparing the character design from the early 1930s to the present. By analysis those differences to explode what is the main element of effecting the character design, and to prove the homogenization of character over the world. Through the interview with professional character designers from all around the world, this essay enables the reader to think deeper and further, about the future trend of character design. To discover the culture of character, the history of character design will be studied, character like Snow White from old Disney animation will be used in this essay. By comparing the new character and the old character to find out the chancing of character design. And to comprehend the future…show more content…
After the World War 2, the manga industry in Japan started to grow fast, and the manga “Astro Boy” created by Tezuka Osamu was the most famous manga in that time period. His manga has inspired lots of new manga artists, with the quick growth of printing industry and publishing house, Japan grew into a huge manga kingdom. And during the World War 2, the America soldiers have bought the culture of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse into Japan, and this made the character style in Japan became more diversify. In 1960s, the manga of Tezuka Osamu, Fujio Akatsuka and Fujiko Fujio were most popular of all manga in Japan, and with the rapid development of television those popular works have been moved onto the world of animations. In the period between 1960s and 1990s, Japan’s manga has separated into 6 types, the Children manga, Juvenile manga, Girls manga, Teenage manga, Female manga and Adult manga. This chance caused the character style in Japan became very unique, as the manga artist needed to create a character which could fit into his/her manga for the specific target
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