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Charles Darwin History Charles Darwin was born on the 12th of February 1809 – 19th April 1882. He was born in a merchant town of Shrewsbury, England. He was the second youngest of his six siblings. Darwin’s mother, Susanna, died when he was only 8 years old. He attended the University of Edinburgh Medical School (at the time the best medical school in the UK) with his brother Erasmus in October 1825. Darwin found lectures dull and surgery stressful, so he neglected his studies. Charles Darwin died in his family home, Down House, in London, on April 19, 1882, and was buried at Westminster Abbey. Prior Theories Erasmus Darwin, grandfather of Charles Darwin, was an English country physician, poet, and amateur scientist. He believed that…show more content…
For most of the five year expedition the Beagle actually spent the majority of its time surveying the Southern Coast of what is today known as Argentina and Chile. It was in Latin America where Darwin made many of his most important discoveries that had a lasting influence on his future work and evolutionary theory. In Brazil, Darwin first experienced the rainforest; collecting samples and making meticulous field notes to send back home. Further south, in what is now Argentina, Darwin was able to find countless fossils and geological findings. Development Darwin began to wonder if species from South America had reached the Galapagos and then changed as they adapted to new environments. This idea—that species could change over time—eventually led to Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. Galapagos tortoises have two very different shapes, each adapted for different feeding habits needed on low, arid islands versus high, lusher islands. Some tortoises have shells that rise in front, like a saddle. This adaptation makes it easier for them to lift their heads high to eat tree cactus and to resolve disputes over limited food resources, which they do through raising their heads as high as possible during social interactions Tortoises with dome-shaped shells live on islands where there is an abundance of vegetation close to the ground, making it less necessary for the animals to raise their heads to feed. Summary The theory of evolution
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