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The Kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh Jr.
What man is so cold-hearted to murder a baby just to try to acquire some money? Charles Lindbergh Jr. was kidnapped in attempts to get some ransom money from his wealthy father, the famous pilot Charles Lindbergh. The murder of the child almost seemed to be an accident and that it was a slip up in the plan to kidnap the child. The man that all evidence points to and that was convicted was Richard Hauptmann, but a man named John Knoll might have been the mastermind behind the kidnapping and murder Charles Lindbergh Jr.
The 20 month old baby, Charles Lindbergh Jr., was murdered on the day of March 1, 1932. He had just been put to sleep by his nurse, who was the last person to see the young child
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From the start of the investigation investigators thought that the case would go cold because of the lack of any information on who might be the kidnapper. Due to this lack of evidence and no possible suspects at the start of the investigation it made the case have no real breakthroughs for the first two months. This is until the evidence was evaluated more in depth, and new ransom notes were delivered to the Lindbergh’s.
The in depth analysis of the little evidence from the crime was able to lead the main suspect, Bruno Hauptmann. From the first search of the nursery “a ransom note demanding $50,000 was found on the nursery window sill” (“Lindbergh Kidnapping”). This ransom letter was found to have handwriting similar to that of a German. After the case went cold for three days a second ransom note showed up, this time the price was raised to $70000 (“Lindbergh baby kidnapped”). The Lindbergh’s decided that after the second ransom note, saying that their kid was still alive, they decided it was time to pay the ransom money to save their child. They were able to negotiate with a man named John to pay the first ransom of $50,000. This transaction went down in a cemetery close to the Lindbergh house, and gave the mysterious man the nickname ‘Cemetery John’. This ransom money would later be used to find Bruno Hauptmann, the real killer.
The gold certificates, not many were left in circulation, used to pay the ransom was the only reason that

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