Essay On Chemotherapy And Hair Loss

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Hair Changes & Hair Loss Resulting from Cancer Treatment

Most of us never stop to think just how important our hair is to us until we are faced with the possibility of losing it. This being said if you are about to undergo chemotherapy treatment for cancer, the risk of losing your hair is quite real. This hair loss is not restricted to one gender or another as both men and women are susceptible.
Hair damage and hair loss as a side-effect of chemotherapy are considered to be the ones most people worry about when they talk about cancer treatments. Whether or not you will suffer from hair loss during your chemotherapy treatment depends largely on the type of medication being used and the dosage. How well you manage to maintain a positive outlook
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An unfortunate side-effect of using these medications is that they also tend to attack perfectly healthy cells at the same time. This includes the cells in the roots of your hair, leading to damage and loss of your hair.
You may notice that the damage is not limited just to the hair on your scalp, you may also experience issues with your pubic hair, armpit hair, chest hair, eyebrows, facial hair, and any other body hair. Some of the chemotherapy drugs have been found to cause hair loss more than others, and of course, the dosage used can have a dramatic effect on how much hair damage or loss you have to deal with.
The level of damage or loss can range from light thinning to complete baldness during treatment. Your doctor or cancer care team can go over your medications and help you understand what to expect during and after treatment. The good news is that in most cases any hair loss experienced during treatment is only temporary. In most cases, your hair will grow back within three to six months, although it may come back in a slightly different shade at first.
What to Expect Regarding Chemotherapy and Hair Damage or
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