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Thesis: An immense social problem in the United States is childhood obesity; it has been increasing for the last thirsty years. In addition, some of the causes of obesity is excessive junk food, lack of motivation to exercise and lack of knowledge about nutrition and fitness.
Topic Sentence 1: One obvious cause of childhood obesity is fast food restaurants.
It is everywhere, in every corner there is a fast food restaurant in bold red and yellow letters. On the TV kids are constantly being exposed to unhealthy food advertisements. In their eyes it becomes a norm. Fast food restaurants are inexpensive and quick, in their minds it is simply satisfying. “A 2009 study showed that children who watch television carry unhealthy food preferences
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One thing that is taken for granted are the benefits of exercise. Almost everyone knows that it is healthy, yet not many people do it merely because they are lazy. Children are not as active as they used to be, they simply spend countless hours on technology but lack to acknowledge the benefits of a walk to the park. A daily walk can result in “higher quality of life and improved mental and emotional health” (Bernstein). However, not many Americans are willing to provide that much effort.
Topic Sentence 3: Lastly, the least obvious reason for childhood obesity is lack of knowledge.
It is understandable that most children cannot grasp the importance of fitness and nutrition. Their minds are barely developing and they probably only think subjectively. However, children are most likely eating what their parents are providing for them since “parents are ultimately responsible for their children” (Johnson). Therefore, this is lack of knowledge for both parents and children. Educated parents would ultimately explain to their kids why they should not eat so many cookies for example.
Conclusion: Although childhood obesity has been increasing and most of the causes are evident and preventable. There are plenty of solutions that could help this global issue come to an

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