Essay On Cirrhosis

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In the present study, males outnumbered females (M/F 63/7) with the average age at presentation being 45.38±12.1 years. This findings were similar to the results obtained in studies by Sharma et al who found the presenting age to be 44.0 ± 11.4 years with higher incidence in males ( M:F:75:16) 8. The errors on NCT-A tend to increase with age 9, but as the mean age of the patients was 45.38±12.1 years in this study, this was not considered to significantly influence the results. Alcoholism was the commonest cause of cirrhosis 51 (72.85%), with incidence of chronic hepatitis B being 5(7.14%). 13 patients had cirrhosis of unknown etiology. This finding was different from that of Maric et al 10 where 43% had chronic hepatitis B infection…show more content…
Better psychometric test performance was seen with lower CPC grading in other studies as well 10 . CPC score was found to have positive predictive value in patients developing MHE and this finding was similar to other studies 3. EEG changes were first described in Hepatic encephalopathy (HE) in 1950s when Foley, Watson et al described the monomorphic 2 per second waves in the frontal region of patients with clinically overt HE.14 Parsons- Smith described EEG changes in HE which comprised of 5 groups ( A to E) and showed fair correlation with evolution of the disease condition 15. – the initial changes being generalised suppression of alpha waves and its replacement by beta waves. However, the sensitivity of the EEG for low grades of HE is limited and thus its use for diagnosing minimal HE is controversial. In contrast to HE, MHE has not been associated with typical EEG changes as is described in overt hepatic encephalopathy. However, as the psychometric tests demonstrate subtle alterations in higher mental functions occur in MHE, it is natural to expect EEG changes in MHE. Occipital Alpha is the dominant rhythm with a frequency of 8-13 Hz in relaxed wakefulness in 85% of healthy adults with closed eyes and generally attenuates (diminishes) with eye opening, mental activity, and drowsiness. Alpha waves are a good indicator of cognitive function and alpha wave of > 10 Hz is an important measure of
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