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As they walked towards the gunshots, they came across colonists singing along with her people. The Plymouth Colonist, couldn't correctly pronounce most of the words in the song. How could they continue to live in peace when they can't even speak each other's own tongue, thought Honovi. Soon, they arrived at their destination. White and copper men were lined up with iron guns, aiming at red and white circular targets 50 feet ahead of them. While some of her people looked to be learning from the white men to know how to control such a weapon. "Here we are," announced John with a grin upon his face, "You can sit here," he pointed to a chair of many along the perimeter. Men with gray hair and wrinkly faces were already sitting down, but there…show more content…
John's eyes widen, while the cheering stopped. It became so silent she could hear her blood pumping. Finally, John spoke up, "Well," he stalled, "I don't see why she can't have some fun as well." Cheering erupted again as she made her way in front of a target with a bow in her clammy hands. "So, all I have to do is hit the red, solid dot in the center of the target?" she asked John. "That’s right. You'll be competing against 9 other men that will also be shooting arrows, so it's fair. You all will get 2 arrows, which mean 2 chances to win. It'll begin once I say three. Good Luck," he stated and stepped back. "Sounds easy enough," she stated. "On the count of three, arches begin. One, two, three," yelled John. The sounds of arrows being released from bows sounded from around her. While, strands of her dark hair blew across her face as she stared beyond at the target. She lifted her bow and arrow, knowing the wind would affect it. As she aimed, the others finished making the air silent except for the beating off her heart. She focused on the red dot to where it was the only thing she saw, along with the tip of the arrow. Then after one exhale she released it. However, the arrow flew straight into the bushes behind the target. Bursts of laughter rang across the land. "I told you! Natives can't work their own weapons," a laughing man whispered. It must have been her nerves, she thought. One last chance to prove that she was better than the rest.

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