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Today was the annual playdate at my Mom’s work. Since this year it was separated by age I went to the experiment lab with my Mom by my side. Inside the lab were already nine other eleven year olds with their parents which seemed odd, the year before there were at least twenty screaming ten year olds, with voices that could ruin your eardrums for a long time. Then came introductions. I went last, so the person writing the names put me on top of the list. Except when he wrote my name, Katrina he looked at my Mom and asked if I was the one, in his strangely deep voice, with a tinkle sound when he finished. My Mom just nodded, she made as much noise as a air inside a room. My Mom then walked to the front of the room and asked how much we…show more content…
After I found my notebook and my computer I start the long and hard search. Even though it’s late at night I have to I have to pass this test, but I have a feeling that this is not a paper test, so I’ve already filled half of my notebook. I’ve learned that it’s lots of fun to learn about herbs. Today’s a meeting again and this time it’s a sleepover, so I’m bringing my waterproof backpack and Stella , both which I got for my birthday. I have to leave at seven and I stayed all night learning. It’s five and I never felt more tired in my life! We are all here tired and I’ve noticed that all of us have the same waterproof backpack, but some of us decorated our backpacks. We started the day with sharing are data. I know that all of us stayed up by the way that our eyes droop. Today was a lot different, I stand correct that this test is not a standard paper test. We are going through a portal to a land that is the woods, yes it sounds unrealistic, I’ll live right. Since the scientists were nice they grew enough food for a couple weeks and dried enough food for two months, including the animals food. Although it’s very scary it seems interesting. Me being a doctor at eleven seems like a dream come true and a nightmare. I also would be a mayor of my little village could Maplewood. The scientists were setting up the buildings and arranging the crops. We're going tomorrow at seven. Turns out Stella is coming along
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