Essay On Classroom Reflection

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When I first signed up for this class I didn’t know what to expect. But after two classes, I realized it was a class to discuss and interpret curriculum from a deeper and substantial stand point. Outside of simply teaching a lesson, what is the purpose of the lesson? How can you make the lesson relevant to students lives or real world situations? These are abstract thoughts each teacher should have to design curriculum that students not only understand but increases engagement, and participation within class. This will only enhance pedagogy of the content as well as how students absorb it. In class and through readings I learned about Universal Design for Learning. It consists of 3 parts, provide Multiple Means of Representation…show more content…
The coefficient can be considered the first name, while the variable is the last name. After breaking the lesson down in this capacity, students were engaged, and participating within the lesson thoroughly understanding the concept. In the article Responsive Teaching with UBD in Academically Diverse Classrooms by Carol Ann Tomlinson and Jay McTighe it states “Differentiation reminds us that different individuals will construct meaning from their differing experiences, abilities, and interests and along different timetables and with different support systems.” When I teach I try to keep in mind that most students are different types of learners such visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. I make it my duty to provide at least two math problem, and 2 guided practice problems. In which I write on the board, verbalize it, as well as provide steps, and examples on anchor charts. I also provide differentiation in terms of seating as well as allowing certain students to work independently while I conference in with those that may need more assistance. “Students need to know the learning goals of a unit or lesson and criteria for successfully demonstrating proficiency with the goals.” This is something I find very important and can come be a detriment if it is not used. Students need to know the learning goals, objective, or purpose of a lesson. I had a professional development amongst 8th grade teachers within my
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