Essay On Clinical Communication

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I found clinical this week more challenging this week than normal. My patient has been in the hospital for a while, however, he was disoriented to his situation. He didn’t remember having an abdominal surgery and thought he was still in the hospital for his back surgery. He also had no energy from not eating properly and wanted to be left alone to sleep. Before the first day of clinical my goal was to focus on teaching. After interacting with him on the first day, my goal for the second day way to try to connect with him and encourage him to take more control of his care. To be honest building the therapeutic relationship was still difficult on the second day. He would fall asleep while we were performing tasks and didn’t like to talk. It’s hard to know when to keeping talking or just leave the patient alone. He didn’t like that I was explaining what I was doing and telling him before I touched him. I personally feel that it is important to explain what is going on so that the patient can be an active participant in his care. I don’t think I will change this behavior in the future, but I do…show more content…
I noticed on the first day how involved the son was with his father’s care. He wanted to know everything that was going on. I decided to talk to my patient’s son about wanting my patient to walk and eat more. I talked about how important it was to getting him out of the hospital. When I went back into the room, I talked to the patient about getting up. With the son’s help, the patient final agreed to ambulating in the hallway. This was a big step because my patient hadn’t ambulated in the hallway since October 10th. I usually feel more awkward with the family in the patient’s room, but I can see the benefit in including them as part of the care team. For the next part of clinical, I think I need to interact more with the family, if they want to be involved with the
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