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The Revolutionary War hadn’t been won yet but in 1778, the colony of New York adopted a coat of arms that spoke of victory and a bright future. That coat of arms later became the center of the (New York state flag) in 1901. It was during those perilous times that our 11th state, New York, created the symbol on the (New York flag). This symbol also doubles as the seal of New York, used by the secretary of the state for important state documents to this day. Each detail of this (NY flag) tells of the faith of the people of New York had in their colony/state, and in turn their country. To me, it seems to perfectly represent the ideals and hopes of all our country’s forefathers. The coat of arms on the (NY flag) bears a shield with three hills against a cloudless sky and a body of water in front of it. The body of water in the shield stands for the Hudson River and the…show more content…
This represents New York’s commerce. One boat is headed away from New York representing domestic export. The other boat is headed to New York representing international import. The shield being the center of the coat of arms and in turn the (New York flag), shows the importance of this industry to the people of New York. Furthermore, the (New York state flag) bears a globe with an eagle perched on top. The globe atop the shield shows the Western Hemisphere and the eagle perched on top and looking to the right displays a good omen. We can draw from this that New Yorkers at the time felt that their part of the world was being smiled upon. Next a woman representing Liberty is on the (New York flag). Liberty has a crown at her feet and is holding a pole with a hat resting on its tip. This particular hat was the kind given to slaves when they were freed in Roman times. Interestingly, this slave hat was also used by French Revolutionaries as a symbol of liberty. Liberty has her foot on a crown representing the stomping out of the British
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