Coke Is A Coherent Marketing Mix

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Coke is a beverage and is one of the most recognised brand in the world. Is has energy and flavour. It can be purchased everywhere. Its fresh and it shares happiness. People become very aware of coke when they are thirsty. It is a refreshing product. It also has a red can which stands out to consumers when they are purchasing a soft drink. Coke want consumers to be aware of the brand everywhere they go. Even if consumers don’t realise it coke adverts and products are everywhere. The font on the coke can also stands out to the consumer because it is in big writing and is in italics. If customers have a low involvement with the brand they might just purchase the brand based on salience.
Coke is a unique trusted brand. It has been around since 1844. Coke has survived in the competitive market for as long as it has been around. The brand is very reliable. Coke is an energizer. There is caffeine in it. It is stylish and has flavour and is refreshing. It gives energy and tastes nice so is easy to drink. It is also low in price so is very affordable for anyone to buy. The product is also reliable and the taste doesn’t change. As the product is reliable, durable and has service ability it attracts consumers. The style and design of the product also
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It also gives a sense of sharing, celebration and unity and is associated with family and friends and at gatherings. Coke has become very popular for non-alcoholic drinkers so therefor this would be very popular at social gatherings. People also like to drink it because of the brand image. It gives a style statement for consumers. They like to be seen with Coca-Cola. It is also very refreshing so consumers like to purchase it. Consumers can also purchase it very easily because its nearly everywhere you go. Coke gives a sense of excitement for consumers. When consumers drink it, they feel they have a social approval because most of the population drink
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