Essay On College Athletes Are Not Paid

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College athletes have always been worked beyond imagine, and it is ridiculous to think that even in today’s society, college athletes are not paid. Unlike regular college students, student athletes are not able to work jobs or make extra money because they put over forty hours a week in to their respective sport. More often than not college athletes are taken advantage of because they put their bodies at risk for injury and have no insurance or income to make it worthwhile. Of course, some college athletes do go on to make millions of dollars, but that is only the case for a small percentage of college athletes, and since college sports brings in billions of dollars a year, college athletes should earn at least a small profit. Furthermore,…show more content…
According to Allen Sack, athletes are already essentially paid to play, by getting to go to college for free, but they also deserve the same rights and benefits as other employees, which could include medical benefits, workers’ compensation when injured, and the right to build financial security for their family while in college, and the denial of these rights is morally unconscionable (Sack). It does not make sense that college athletes are not paid because these athletes are the sole reason for popularity in the college athletic apparel market, which brings in millions of dollars a year, yet college athletes do not see a dime, even though they are the reason for sold jerseys and other apparel. Even worse is the fact that college athletes are prone to getting injured and a rising star with a great future ahead of him or her can have their contract (scholarships) canceled once a school realizes that they will no longer be bringing value or money to their school. Of course, this sounds cruel, but it is the reality for some college athletes, and it is an option that must be extinguished because not only do regular students deserve reassurance and stability, but college athletes do
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