Essay On College Is Not Worth A Degree

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College, Is it worth it?
To most people college is their goal at succeeding in life. Whether you get a scholarship or pay yourself, college is expensive. To some it is a waste of time and money due to the fact that, graduates are not getting their money's worth in their degree, they are burdened by student loans, and their degree does not guarantee them a job. With that and a growing tuition rate, most people can't afford a higher education. College is simply not worth the cost anymore.

With the rise in minimum wage nationwide, things cost a lot more. That doesn't mean you have $42,500 to pay for college yearly,(CNBC 2015). That's a lot of money if you're not working. Even state colleges are charging $19,000(CNBC 2015). And considering you're going to need a loan, That's going to add to our nationwide student loan debt of 1.2Trillion,(CNBC 2015). But due to the fact that you could earn enough money to pay back all that debt, it is still appealing to most people. The thing is going to college is a lot like gambling. You go hoping that you can get your degree, and earn more later on. But like gambling, you can lose everything.
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It is proven that taking out any loan in college reduce the student's experience in school (npr 2015). What's more interesting is that less than 20% who took out a loan felt that it was worth it ( npr 2015). In taking out loans you would need some time to pay them. The standard repayment plan for federal student loans is 10 year's (us news 2014). But “the average bachelor degree holder takes 21 years to pay off” (us news 2014), That is 11 more years than planned. Assuming that students went to college at the age of 19, they would be 44 years old when they finished paying back their student loans. And if they file for bankruptcy in that 21 year period, they still have to pay off those
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