Essay On Comprehensive Health And Wellness

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K. Strategic Plan for Comprehensive Health/Wellness/Prevention in your Clinic
1. The Issue
• Creating a comprehensive health/wellness/prevention program for patient population 50 years and older
2. The Assumptions
• Unsolved
a. Increases rehospitalization of patients, which impacts reimbursement rates.
b. Creates opportunities for lawsuits and litigations arising from claims of alleged negligence.
c. Creates dissatisfied clients with decrease rates of referrals.
• Solved
a. Decreases rates of rehospitalization of patients upon discharge.
b. Empowers older adults to improve their own health and reduce the risk of dependency, disability and illness thus creating more satisfied clients.
c. Decreases risks of nursing home and long-term
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7. Vital Signs
a. Values: Effective collaboration between program participants and program administrators will be measured quarterly and shows a result of 100% retention of enrollees; Demonstration of passion for the program will be measured by employee job satisfaction survey every quarter.
b. Vision: The visions will be measured quarterly and will show an increase of referrals to the facility and to the program in particular by 50% and the facility in general will demonstrate a 100% census status daily.
c. Customer benefits will be measured quarterly by a decrease in participant’s rehospitalization rate by 95% and success of program implemented will be measured thru customer satisfaction survey administered quarterly.
d. Other Beneficiaries: Employees bonus incentives will be measured monthly thru accounting and will show a steady increase in dollar amount while improvement in teamwork and relationship will be measured quarterly thru the employee job satisfaction survey. Owners’ profits will be measured quarterly thru accounting and will show a 5% increase after taxes and expenses.
8. Obstacles
a. How to motivate patients to participate in the program
b. How to retain life-long clients into the program
c. How to motivate employees to implement the program
d. How to create available time to implement the program
e. How to market the program to hospitals, family and primary care
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