Essay On Conceptual Teaching

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Explain the Effectiveness of Conceptual and Traditional Teaching on Students, in Educational Field.

Conceptual Teaching
Conceptual teaching is a logical investigative tool that contains diverse contexts and various distinctions which are helpful in the arrangement of important characteristics and details of the event. Conceptual teaching is a way that helps to provide the students with the relative context of the content where students use their own understanding in order to comprehend the facts with reference to the real world. Through this way, students develop their critical thinking.
Concept is the logical and comprehensible arrangement of the understandings. Conceptual teaching is a way where students think in a very analytical manner. In conceptual teaching, teacher prepares the activities that integrate the use of “real world”. Abilities, skills and global concerns can be
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This teaching approach is the technique which majority of the teachers use in their classrooms to deliver the content to students. The teachers in this technique use the drilling of rote memorization and basic learning skills that students use to learn the content from textbooks. In this teaching approach, the focus is on the learning of basic skills and not the conceptual understanding of the content.
Traditional teaching is based on rote memorization and reinforcing of the content where concept is not considered. The learning based on the use of real world activities in not important to be emphasized in this approach. One more thing is that students’ assessment consist off rote memorization of subject material and understanding of the concept is not really assessed. In traditional teaching, new knowledge is not connected with the schema or background knowledge of the learners and the main focus is on tests and the marks on result
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