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The three main philosophies of China helped shape early Chinese civilization; Mandate of Heaven, Confucianism, and Legalism. The Mandate of Heaven was a belief that the Emperor was sufficiently virtuous to rule. This explained the legitimacy of rulers. Confucianism was a philosophy created by Confucius, hoping it would lead to a more stable state in the society. As a philosophy believed longest, Confucianism provided basic foundation for moral, social, and politic norm for Chinese society. Legalism, developed by Han Fei, intended to bring strength and unity of the nation by emphasizing strong punishments and reward, tradition, and family. Legalism introduced clear laws and bureaucratic government. Overall, between the time period from 221 BCE to 618CE, change was shown in Legalism over time, while continuity was shown in Confucianism and Mandate of Heaven.
The Mandate of Heaven had continuities in the
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As iIt was the strongest and biggest philosophy taking place, it lasted for a long time and filial piety was emphasized. During the Han dynasty, the main philosophy was Confucianism. During this time period, many people strived become ato be like a Chun Zi, a superior individual who has proper behaviour, education and the study of arts. Since many people followed the Confucianism laws and strived to be a Chun zi, it soon became one of the strongest and biggest philosophies in China. The second continuity is that it lasted for a long time.Confucianism spread mostly in the Han dynasty and continued to spread. It lasted for several dynasties in China. It lasted for a long time due to the great ideas in Confucianism, such as respecting the elders and acting in morally correct ways. The third continuity is that filial piety was emphasized all throughout. The subordinates were assumed to obey the superior, also known as the 5 key relationships. In addition, this idea of respecting the elders was emphasized all
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