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Postpartum Profiles Convalescent leave after delivery will be determined by the attending physician. This will normally be for 42 days. Convalescent leave after a termination of pregnancy (for example, miscarriage) will be determined on an individual basis. Prior to commencing convalescent leave, postpartum Soldiers will be issued a temporary profile for 45 days. If the soldier decides to return early, the temporary profile remains in effect. Soldiers will receive clearance from the profiling officer prior to returning to duty. Soldiers are exempt from the APFT and from record weigh-in for 180 days following the termination of a pregnancy. After receiving clearance to resume physical fitness training, they are expected to use…show more content…
Commanders will ensure that all officials and supervisors support the ASAP. The ASAP participation is mandatory for all Soldiers who are command referred and subsequently enrolled.Failure to attend a mandatory counseling session may constitute a violation of Article 86 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Processing Separation Soldiers who fail to participate adequately in or to respond successfully to rehabilitation will be processed for administrative separation and not be provided another opportunity for rehabilitation except under the most extraordinary circumstances, as determined by the clinical director (CD) in consultation with the unit commander. In addition to existing separation policies for alcohol or other drug abuse rehabilitation failures, Soldiers with a subsequent alcohol or drug-related incident of misconduct at any time during the 12-month period following successful completion of the ASAP or during the 12-month period following removal from the program, for any reason, will be processed for separation as an alcohol or drug abuse rehabilitation failure. Ensure that the first general officer (GO) in the chain of command with a judge advocate or legal advisor receives the appropriate information on drug positive Soldiers from the ASAP and makes the retention decision. Alcohol Policies Alcohol abuse and resulting misconduct
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