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Introduction: Social responsibility has been always a point of discussion for entrepreneurs, nevertheless, not till recently have there been debates on its importance. This paper will be discussing the effect of corporate social responsibility on the financial performance of a company. This report first addresses the methodology used in searching for relevant resources in the first section of the report, section two summarizes the research while critically analyzing the sources used to answer this paper and the final section will be the conclusion. Methodology of Search: For this report a systematic approach has been used in researching the research question trying to find all possible relevant information and data through secondary…show more content…
Ross, D. (2017) Impact of CSR on stakeholders of a business New model introduced to deal with the issue discussed. Santoso, A. and Feliana, Y. (2014) Effect of CSR on financial performance in the Indonesian stock exchange Even the financial industry requires CSR in order to increase financial performance Singh, A. (2011) Main challenges for CSR Brief on the main issues and challenges of CSR Shang, J (2013) Negative effect of CSR A study on the negative impact of CSR on both firms and consumers supported with research and evidence. After carefully examining different theories and case studies on the relation between corporate social responsibility and financial performance, evaluating and critically analyzing the topic was possible. Even though social issues have been questioned for years, yet only recently have it become a main issue that is usually addressed by companies and corporations (Ahen and Zetting, 2015). An increased demand in research on CSR has shown that some companies have reacted to this matter by investing more in corporate social responsibility as it increases competitive advantage (Crane and Glozer, 2016). CSR can be used as an aggressive business strategy and an efficient marketing tool in order to design and sustain a competitive advantage over competitors (Crane and Glozer, 2016). Corporations understood that in order to be able to function profitably and be competitive in a very competitive market they must

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