Essay On Crack Cocaine

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Crack Cocaine the drug that has impacted so many lives; especially the life of rappers. Crack Cocaine is the refined result of cocoa leaves. However, crack cocaine was not developed until the cocaine boom of 1970. Large shipments of this drug was now making its way into the inner cities of the United States, and the majority of residents living in those inner cities were African American. Black on black crime was now more common than ever, incarceration within the black community was skyrocketing, abandonment of children was typical and the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases was devastating. Many factors were playing a part of this, and Hip Hop was a big one. Hip hop from the golden ages of Grandmaster flash and to modern day Lil…show more content…
According to Grandmaster Melle Mel’s song, “The message”, he clearly described an environment where it was highly susceptible to crack cocaine. It wasn’t just a couple of neighbors, but all the neighborhoods that were being occupied by African Americans in America found themselves in the environment that highly influenced by Crack cocaine. Miguel Martinez is a contributor on Rap Genius, a website that provides annotation and interpretation of songs, news, and any documentation that focuses on Hip Hop music. Martinez stated that, “Due to factors out of their control the impoverished urban communities were a perfect mixing pot for the crack epidemic setting the mostly black community, on a destructive path”. Rappers that talk highly about drug consumption grew up in these environments. These artists that talk heavily about drugs on their because it is something their familiar with on through an intimate level from their past.
It is inevitable that crack has had a huge impact on rap music and hip hop culture in general. Rappers from generations after generation used their music to express that. They used rap to uplift themselves, although crack was part of their lives, it was also a part of them. They either had some type of past relationship through distribution or consumption. It helped construct who they are, and gave
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