Essay On Crazy Life

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They finished the bottle of wine and the conversation flowed. The kept it neutral for the most part. As neutral as Joe would allow. That’s man had a one-track mind, but it didn’t bother her. It felt like old times again, except for the side glances and occasional touches she got from Martin. Each one felt heated and sent her skin blazing as if she were lying in the hot summer sunshine. The trio skipped their dinner plans, opting to eat the rest of the pizza and consume more wine. She didn’t mind one bit. She liked hearing about the crazy lives they lived. Martin wasn’t his usual talkative self but then Joe hardly allowed a word in. Her cheeks hurt from smiling and she was having fun. Could have been the wine, the clothes or the way Joe and…show more content…
“Of course she’s fine. She’s with me,” Joe said, moving his stool closer to hers. She raised her empty glass. “I’m not with you; I’m sitting with you. See the distinction?” “Semantics. It’s only a matter of time before we get together.” Joe winked. “Who are you hooking up with?” A lithe, raven-haired beauty asked, stepping next to Joe. He wrapped his arm around her trim waist. “You my dear. I’m sorry I bailed on dinner, but a friend arrived in town and it would have been rude to stand her up.” The young woman shrugged her shoulders as if it didn’t matter; as if she was used to being stood up. “Oh. Makes sense. You’re here now. I’m Beth.” She extended her hand towards Sylvie. They completed their introductions and chatted for a while. Beth was a gorgeous girl and too smart not to see Joe for the player he was. The way they flirted, gave her the impression the two would have sex and nothing more would come from their relationship. Though Sylvie got the impression Beth wanted more than a one-night stand. She wondered why someone who could have any guy in the place would subject herself to less than she deserved. But then who was she to judge. Sylvie needed to get laid in the worst way and maybe it was the same for Beth. A few more hockey players and their entourage joined them. The conversation flowed and so did another round of drinks. Martin seemed quiet and never left the table. He sipped his water and smiled, but it seemed like he had something on his
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