Essay On Creating Life Enhancing Technology

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Creating Life-enhancing Technology
To begin, robots are affecting how people live. Broadbent informs psychologists in her academic article that engineers are in the process of building human-like robots that can help cure loneliness because robots are becoming an important part of the future. Robots are the future of the world. Broadbent, educating psychologists, “Engineers are trying to build robots that look and behave like humans and thus need comprehensive knowledge not only of technology but also of human cognition, emotion, and behavior.” Robots are curing loneliness, which is making people happy. Lonely people are becoming happy which in turn is causing other people to be happier still. Happy people become productive
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Engineering Human Body

Furthermore, DNA is a part of every living thing. In Carroll’s academic article Carroll informs scientists about how Darwinian evolution is not a reliable explanation for how people are who they are because he believes that God is in control of life. Natural selection cannot affect evolutionary change. Carroll asserted, “random mutation and natural selection cannot account for the important changes in the history of life on Earth.” Natural selection is not real, therefore God must be in control. Since God is in control he creates our DNA. Life is important because God creates it.
For example, some Americans believe in a God that creates their DNA. Americans are trying to change their DNA and future generation’s DNA. The Chinese government does not allow the citizens to believe in a God that makes their DNA. China does not talk about or care about DNA as much as America does.
More importantly Hale informs sociologists in her academic article about the importance of families accepting their transgender family members because people have not been accepted well in the past. Hale explained, “As their children showed signs of depression or other emotional distress, the mothers in the study reached a tipping point in accepting their children’s gender diversity.” People are learning to accept each other better. Mothers are just now learning how to accept their transgender
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