Essay On Crime And Punishment: Raskolnikov

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Ouch!!! Stop Loving Me So Much

In Part 5 of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, Raskolnikov confesses to his crime to Sonya, and in the process reveals more about himself than he would have liked to. Once the crying has stopped, they communicate on a fundamentally deep level, with Sonya clearly expressing her love for him. Interestingly, Raskolnikov actually finds this love difficult to deal with, rather than his guilt of murder. For this entire story, Raskolnikov has been separated from the rest of humanity, yet now he has the potential to re enter, he just has to attone for the sins of his past. Raskolnikov’s belief that he is special, separates and disjoints him from the rest of society, leading to his own emotional turmoil, and now that he has found human connection and love, he has the burden of potentially losing it.
Raskolnikov finally accepts he committed murder, not for some great moral or ethical purpose, but to try to prove to himself he was greater or better than the average man, and as he does so, he shows great anxiety and doubt in his words. Raskolnikov “simply murdered,” he “murdered for
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He, towards the middle of their conversation, completely refuses “to go to jail,” either without a fight, or at all, yet suddenly asks “if she will visit him in prison ,”displaying his erratic behavior, almost like two different people, furthermore illustrating his own personal indecisiveness and doubt based on his ethics and righteousness. (404) When he first starts confessing to her, he uses the command “leave me alone,” yet he knows “she was his only way out, his only hope” from that very solitude(402- 404). In his duality, part of him needs to stay away, from people and love, because that is the only way to escape the law, his other part desperately wanted to rejoin humanity, love, and
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