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Criminal “Justice”

Playing outside, coloring, and dressing up are common activities of a normal seven year old girl. When you are seven years of age, you are still a child of innocence barely starting school. But imagine being seven years old and having your purity, innocence, and childlike wonder taken away from you.
In 2001 a man named Mark Hulett raped a little girl countless times over a four year period, beginning when she was seven. In 2005 Hulett was convicted to the crimes he committed. He was sought to have a sentence of eight to ten years minimum, which is clearly not enough time for his hideous crimes. As a result, the judge, Edward Cashman, sentenced Hulett to sixty days in prison. This is an outrage! This man took a little girl’s childhood! This poor child had to grow up and experience things of evil that no child should! More or less at the age of seven! I firmly believe that this is an
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In America if you are accused of a crime you are innocent until proven guilty. This is an important benefit of the criminal justice system as it places the burden of proof where it should be, on the accusers. While some may argue that if you're facing a criminal trial due to an accusation of a crime, someone present, be it the victims, prosecuting attorney or public, must think that you're guilty, the presumption of innocence is a pivotal benefit of the criminal justice system. According to Legal-dictionary, this presumption "...keeps judges and juries focused on the ultimate issue at hand in a criminal case: whether the prosecution has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the alleged acts." The fact that everyone accused of a crime has a right to an attorney is a definite pro of the criminal justice system. If the accused cannot afford an attorney the court will appoint one to him, often referred to as a public
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