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Dear Professor,

Internal report on Crispr Cas9 regarding genome editing experiments
Thanks to the advances in technology, there is a new DNA recombination method called “Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats“, CRISPR for short.
About Crispr
Crispr is based on a natural system used by the bacteria to protect themselves from the infection by viruses. When the bacterium detects the presence of a viral DNA, it produces 2 types of short RNA. One of which contains a sequence that matches that of the invading viral DNA. These 2 RNAs form a complex protein called Cas9. Cas9 is a nuclease, a type of enzyme that can cut DNA. When the matching sequence, known as the guide RNA, finds the target within the viral genome, the Cas9 cuts the target DNA, disabling the virus. But this procedure can be used for any DNA sequence at a precise location by changing the guide RNA to match the
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I would like to take this opportunity to discuss and draw out guidelines for proceeding in harnessing this new technology without having to cause a panic among the public.
I would like to strictly state that first off, this report strongly discourages any attempts at human germline genome modification for clinical application. This does still leave open a question about ex vivo human embryos. Some people consider them human beings. I believe as long as the embryo is not transferred to a human recipient to develop to a baby, it is still feasible in terms of morality.
Furthermore, I don’t think that engineered human germline modification would be a big issue for several
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