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Culture is the way of life of a group of people living in a particular region at a given time. The identity of people 's culture is often defined by their characteristics in consideration of their language, customs, laws, cuisine, and beliefs. According to Duyvesteyn (2011), cultures are developed over time through processes such as learning, sharing, interpretation of symbols, integration of ideas, and accommodation of changes. A language is the written or spoken method that people utilize in communicating with each other. Languages usually aid individuals in expressing and cultivating their cultural values. In most cases, individuals who pronounce words similarly and speak the same language or in languages with words that are…show more content…
Poland is a sovereign nation located in central Europe. It covers an area of 312685 square kilometers of which 304255 square kilometers are land while 8430 square kilometers is of water. The Baltic Sea bounds the nation to the north and north-west, Russia and Lithuania to its north-east, Belarus to the east, Ukraine to its south-east, Slovakia to the south, the Czech Republic to its south-west, and Germany to the west. Poland has a population that is slightly above 38 million 97% are the nation 's citizens. The primary language spoken in the country is Polish. However, the residents also speak foreign languages such as English, Russian, and Germany (Mierzejewska & Parysek, 2013). Before World War Two it was a multicultural nation. The Soviet and Germany genocides attack caused by conflicts over boundary issues and the ethnic policies of communists ' government lead to the extinction of Poland 's minorities. According to Reddaway et. al (2016), almost 3 million Jews from Poland were killed by Germans soldiers. Presently the number of Jews living in the country is estimated to be between 6000 to10000. About 90% of the people residing in the nation are Christians 87% of them are Catholics, 1.3 % are members of the Eastern Orthodox churches, and 0.4% are Protestants. Apart from Christianity Judaism and Islam are the other

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