Essay On Current State Process Map Of Patient Flow

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Current State Process Map of Patient flow

The patient may come from outside to the front desk for registration, depending upon their schedule of treatment Front desk nurse calls PCA passes patient information to pick up the patient. PCA takes the patient to Same Day Surgery area for Pre-op, helps patient settle down in available bed and takes general vital information. Later RN does basic checkups followed by Physician and anesthesia having face to face discussion with the patient. After completing the preoperative treatment if the patient needs block line then the patient is transferred to PACU area for block by PACU RN or else Operating Room staff RN’s & anesthesiologists comes down to Same day surgery area to transfer patient into
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Res unit Abbr Respective Unit abbreviations
MRN Medical Record Number. This number Patient even if their name changes. This allows us to differentiate patients from their respective case type
Primpact_res_name Primary practitioner name. Shows what case type physician is
Actual_Pro_abbr Procedure Abbreviated, patient case or treatment type. Gives an abbreviation of what procedure patients is arriving for
Actual_proname Actual Name of procedure Complete name of treatment procedure with a brief insights on resources
Pattype_abbr Patient type abbreviations. Defines what category patient is defined into.
PreOp In Time patient arrives in for preoperative
PreOp Out Time patient leaves the preoperative unit
Pacu Nerve Block Provides information of patient need block
IntraOPIn Time when patient wheels in to operating room
Surgerstart Time when surgery begins
IntraOpOut Time when patient wheels out the operating room
Surg Stop Time when surgery stops
PACUphase1in Time when patient enters phase1 after surgery
PACUphase1out Time when patient leaves phase 1 after recovery
PACUphase2in Time when patient enters phase2
PACUphase2readydis Time when patient is ready to discharged and family/transporter informed for pickup
PACUphase2out Time when patient left the phase2 area
Room abbr Room Abbreviation. Abbreviated operating room number

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