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Understand and articulate the business requirements for Evidence-Based Decision Making (EBDM) in Cyber Security (CySec) utilising CDCAT.
Traditional approaches to cyber security have typically utilised incident data, test data and threat information – from various sources. This project seeks to explore the business opportunity for utilising EBDM from Business Process Modelling & Notation (BPMN) to recognise and analyse good practice in cyber security. By exploiting EBDM from BPMN and applying a range of AI analysis algorithms to data, it is likely that the quality of cyber security evidence and material will improve, allowing recommendations to evolve more rapidly than previously.
What can be achieved through this project?
Initial thoughts
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Compare given process against known ‘good’ practices
7. For the least effective processes, what trends can be found? Is there a pattern in known solutions/patches? For the most effective processes, what trends can be found?
What will this entail?
Research the component
- What is the component trying to achieve & understand?
- How does the component relate to current CDCAT capability?
- How could it become more relevant to CDCAT?
- How is business value obtained from this component?
Analyse the component
- SWOT analysis based on the research
- Summary of component research
Conclusion for component
- What is the business implication from this component?
- What is my recommendation & personal conclusion?
Time considerations
When considering this as a scope for my project, initial estimations made suggest that spending 4 days (32hrs) per component to complete [what will this entail?] would be a good estimate. I anticipate that researching components will take up to 2 days such that material gathered is able to go into detail to answer the research objective questions. A further allocated day should give sufficient time to complete component analysis, with the final allocated day giving suitable time to ensure that business relevance is maintained alongside technical considerations throughout the component conclusions.
The above allocation estimates will therefore require approximately 28 days. Due to the nature of components 3&4,

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