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Effectiveness of the Cybersecurity Technologies
Everyone depends on electricity everywhere and all the time; from homes to businesses to transportation, electricity is part of everyday life. The importance of protecting our power utility plants should be implied, but the lack of innovation has caused our electric utilities to become far more vulnerable to cyberattack than in the past. DTL Power grids have become more digital, which allows real-time visibility into power outages, lets customers manage electricity consumption from their smartphones, and deploys sophisticated tools for energy management. All of this means that utilities are more and more exposed, since offering these features over the internet requires connectivity between
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An electric power grid is a key part of the US infrastructure. As networks become smarter, they also become more vulnerable to cyberattacks, thereby making energy cyber security a priority for electricity utilities. With compliance regulations and cyber incidents increasing, DTL Power must act definitively to minimize this risk. There are three key areas where the federal government focuses their cybersecurity efforts which include:
• Improving Cybersecurity Preparedness in the Energy Sector

• Improving Cybersecurity Incident Response and Recovery

• Improving Research and Development of Energy Delivery Systems

Improving cybersecurity preparedness incident response and recovery work toward building DTL Power’s day to day operations capabilities. Research and development will bring new technology and tools that will reduce the risk of a cyber incidents that will stop DTL Power from delivering energy to its customers (Department of Energy, n.d.). The cybersecurity policy needs to address all aspects of the organization to protect company and customer information. The policy will include monitoring of all devices on the DTL Power network, monitoring of access to each system, and tracking and logging of all activity on the network. This policy must be able to keep all the critical elements of DTL Power under constant surveillance and protection.
Cybersecurity Technologies
Technologies that are
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