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Cyrus the Great was the founder of the Persian Empire and had a highly successful reign that can be greatly credited an effective leadership, because of which he was able to make significant positive steps for the empire and influence future civilisations. This can be seen in various aspects of his leadership including his strategic thinking, which enabled him to establish and expand the empire, his appeasing of the peoples, which assisted in preventing revolts, and the large impact he has had and continues to have on various peoples and civilisations. Cyrus the Great was a highly strategic thinker in various ways including militarily and politically meaning that he was able to more easily expand and control the empire during his reign and…show more content…
Cyrus ensured this by correcting mistakes of past leaders and respecting the existing religions, values and cultures of the places he conquered and this reduced the chance of revolt enabling him to better establish the empire and ensure his leadership was effective. In a verse account of the conquest of Babylon it is said that Nabonidus, the leader before Cyrus, was disrespectful and prevented the celebration of religious festivals and the people of Babylon were “hostile” towards him. When Cyrus came into power he declared peace, appeased the gods once more and acted righteously, fixing all the wrongs on Nabonidus and returning a “joyful heart” to the people. During his rule he also returned displaced Jews to their land and rebuilt their temples, once again righting the wrongs of a past leader. By doing these things Cyrus was able to demonstrate his effective leadership by preventing revolts of which he has none recorded compared to the at least five of Darius, which enabled him to focus more on expansion. The lasting impacts of Cyrus the Great within and beyond the empire exemplify his effective style of leadership. It is said that one of the most important things for the prosperity of an empire is its governing system and the system created by Cyrus was used and refined

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