Essay On Daenery

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Daenerys was sitting on a tall stool behind the shop counter studying the accounts; a pen in one hand, mug of coffee in the other and one bare foot resting idly on her largest dog's back. Drogon shifted under her, searching for a scratch, and she did her best to oblige with her toes, far too preoccupied to bend down and fuss him properly. The numbers in front of her barely added up but she didn't really care. It wasn't as if money was an issue for her, after all, and this new, quiet life was her reward for everything she had gone through before this; a modest flat over a shop full of dragons, fairies, jewellery and magical books. Just her and her three large dogs who were far more than pets to her. They were the loving family she'd never…show more content…
Fortunately the little girl proved a useful distraction, calling out to her mother to show her the various ornaments on display; colourful fairies, fierce dragons holding gems in their talons, the wizards with their pointed hats and long beards, the beads and charms and magical pendants.

"Please, Mummy. Please can I have this one?"

As the little family came to the counter to make their purchases, the bell rang again and Daenerys glanced up to see a young man with an unruly mop of dark curls standing in the threshold with his mouth open, as if shocked at where he found himself, and he was still gaping when the mother and daughter walked past him to exit the shop.

"Yes, can I help you?" Dany asked.

"Ah, yes it's ..." He turned to look at her and then stopped again looking momentarily stunned.

'Here we go again!' And yet there was something different in his stare; less recognition and more …? For some reason she was finding it hard to interpret what she was seeing within that dark, stern gaze.

Fortunately, Daenerys was getting recognised a lot less nowadays, although some might say that opening a shop called 'Here Be Dragons' was asking for trouble. However, the worst parts of her youth had come from the best part of her childhood and so
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