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Daniel's story
14 year old Daniel is sitting on a train with his parents. he doesn't know where he is going and why.He opens a picture album that he brought with him.The album starts with his family celebrating his 6th birthday.His uncle peter explains to him the Nazis ideas of curing Germany's problem and Danial admits to being quick to forget problems of the time,and now, he's traveling being sent away with his family.Daniel continues looking through the years pass.The next is a 1936-37 class picture because either they were forced to leave or voluntary.Daniels outlines other changes in her life and the life of the Jewish community and there is constant talk of leaving the country.Daniel's mother can't look at the photo album; it contains nothing but horrible memories.He contemplated a picture he took
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He took pictures of their jewish id cards and rotation cards and people looking in my father's store.He learns about power and abuse when he wears Hitler youth uniform that his oma gave him and is forced to take a picture of jewish men being harassed in the public square. He would be rather be himself than an impostor.Continuing to remember Daniel tells of a package the Nazis give him of his dead uncle peter.The whole family is devastated.His mother continues to try to find a way for the family to leave the country.Daniel begins to feel ready to head back to school, but now they have to wear yellow star imprinted with ‘Jew’ on their clothing.3 years later, august 1944 Daniel is 17 is once again on a train. This time he is packed with 100 people in a closed freight car. Soon the dying starts: First a cousin than an uncle oma Rachel gets sick and goes to the hospital Days later she has escaped, the Nazis come for her the next day. Two days later after the evacuation an announcement is made for all children and elder people.Daniel introduces Rosa. She is in a picture dated December 1942 when Danial was 15. He met Rosa when Erika
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