Essay On Dante And Inferno

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In a horrific burning plain, is where you will spend eternity for being with your same sex lover! Dante wanted to bring an end to immoral behaviors in Florence. Dante was born to a family that liked getting involved in the multifaceted Florentine political arena. He was born in the year 1295. The political setting that his parents were used to became a key theme in Inferno. According to historical findings, his mother passed away when Dante was 12 years of age. When he became of age, he was arranged for a lady who he would later marry, but was in love with another lady. After the death of his loved one, Dante began to venture into the field of philosophy and issues dealing with the political environment of Florence. Because of the writings that he wrote to the Florentine government, the Florentine leaders exiled him after falling out of favor. Being exiled from Florence was a great success for him because it was the period in which he became involved with his artistic work. He soon then wrote he Inferno, which was a section of the Divine Comedy. He later completed all the sections of the Divine Comedy, which is a comedy symbolizing the human life which he presented as a visionary journey through the Christian afterlife. He wrote the comedy to warn the corrupt society in order to lead a life of being just and righteous. In his comedy, he talks about the sin of homosexuality. Homosexuality or sodomy is a sinful practice which leads to destruction of souls and is found in

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