Essay On Day Of The Event

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Day of the Event Everyone needs to get a good night’s rest the day prior to the event. I suggest the committee meet for coffee or breakfast. That time can be used as refresher and review of tasks completed and things that need to be done that day. On the way to the venue I suggest you pick up a simple “thank you” card. This can be given to the manager of the venue, or left with an employee to forward to him. Arrive at the pre-determined time. Start by arranging the room for the event. Pay attention to electrical access as needed as well as traffic patterns for rest rooms, to the bar and concession areas. Do not forget wheelchair access. Your aisles and seating need to be arranged to allow both walker and wheelchair access. If…show more content…
For this reason, I do not recommend you take credit/debit cards Advanced ticket sales are a different situation. There will be time between the sale and the event for an individual to swipe the card and transfer the funds. The funds need to be physically taken from the individual’s account and deposited in the event’s till. Take care to charge any processing charges the card/swiping company may impose. Those processing charges need to be passed along to the customer. The room and tables all need to be set up a minimum of half hour before the doors are scheduled to open. You want everything primed and ready when the first person walks through the door. If the sponsor is providing some people to help with the event be sure to welcome them and make them feel “part of the event team”. The magician may coordinate with the sponsor to use some of the sponsor’s people in the show. Keep an eye out for media that might stop by. Greet them and volunteer to help them if needed. It is also a good idea for someone who has Facebook to do a “live” feed. An announcement as to the event, maybe a short interview or comment with the magician and panning the games and raffle areas is a nice last minute promotional touch. Have a few staff members mingling with the guests. Thank them for coming. Be prepared to answer any questions they may have about the hosting organization and what is planned that evenings
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